Roz Lawler Seminars
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These fun, interactive and powerful seminars have been designed to assist those who had been victims of emotional, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, and those who are just plain ready to embrace life and reclaim their Absolute Right to live in joyous Freedom.

For most, life is filled with unexpected difficulties - twists and turns that seem to test us in ways we could not have predicted. Often it is not only the event itself, but also the way in which we respond or react that can trouble us for years to come. It is common to look back on life and wish we had done things differently. Here we learn that at certain times in life it is important to speak up or do what is necessary to look after ourselves and ensure our well-being. For some the right to feel and be safe is a new concept and a very strengthening and freeing experience.

In this very Safe and Relaxed Atmosphere Roz walks you through the process of recognising the true price of having lived in the shadow of the past and guides you to a state of Living in Empowered Realisation.

Throughout the seminar fun activities, craft and conscious visualisations are used to train you to take healthier, more constructive actions when challenged, allowing you to create a life you can look back on with pride and satisfaction. Roz will demonstrate the importance of letting go of the old and encourage you to enjoy the benefits of welcoming the new.

Now is the time to move beyond simple recognition of your right to your own Personal Space, to a place of True Empowered Change, where your right to share in all of life's pure and loving gifts can be realised.

This seminar is shared in small groups to allow all attending a feeling of ease and comfort as they regain their strength and freedom from the past.

To ensure a safe, caring space for all participants Roz conducts separate seminars for Males and Females.

Numbers are strictly limited, and advanced bookings are essential.


"I feel like I'm ready to begin my life at last!" C.B. age 55, now running her own home business and helping others in nursing homes.

Emotional Freedom Seminar for Men
Emotional Freedom Seminar for Women