Roz Lawler Seminars
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In this unique two day seminar Roz shares with you the tools and information to enjoy the freedom of living your life with strength, clarity, focus and purpose.

This first stage of the Life Empowerment Seminar looks at the importance of using Conscious Speaking skills to manifest Positive Abundance in your life, and how the power of words can be used to create the life you had always dreamed of.

Roz teaches the value and wisdom of forgiveness and how to set Positive Purposes to bring greater clarity and meaning to all you do.

Enjoy the Freedom of Release from the past and the joy of moving forward in certainty as you experience the power of Conscious Choice and the knowledge of your right to Succeed at Being You.


  Over the course of the two days Roz will share with you:

The importance of Conscious Speaking, understanding the power of words and how to use them to manifest positive abundance. By learning the true affect of words, beyond their dictionary meanings, you will become aware of how the very words you use could be holding you back. Discover the words to discard, the ones to use with wisdom, and the ones that can be used to bring positive change to all aspects of your life, from self image and your relationships to your financial status and beyond.

The true value of adding Positive Purpose to empower you to do and be all you had dreamed and more. Learn the difference between purposes and goals and how, by using purposes, you can bring constructive action to those parts of life you had previously only hoped you might achieve.

Tools and information to bring the joy of Living each Moment, each Now, Completely. Many people have lived their lives with their focus on the errors or successes of the past, or their concerns for the future. Learn how your power truly comes from the moment you are living in, and how to use each now to bring direction, real happiness, and positive action into being.

The Freedom of Release from the past and any fear it represented. The ability to put life into pure perspective gives you the power to live free from the negativity of fear. Understanding its real meaning and how to free yourself from its hold can bring your true life potential into grounded reality.

The true understanding and Wisdom of Forgiveness, its meaning, its benefits, its power, and its freedom. Learn how true forgiveness is more than just a word, it is a key to all life's positive possibilities.

The Right to Succeed at Being you. People had measured success by the image they projected to others and the apparent approval that had brought. We look at success beyond the facades to allow you to know your true self. Learn to know who you really are, embrace your truth and allow that knowing to bring real joy to your life so that life is even better than the dream of success had appeared.

The Power of Non Attachment to Outcome. For some, knowing that they are in control had been all important to them. Learn how allowing the 'something better' into your life frees you from limitation and allows you to achieve even more than you had thought possible.

The inspiration of personal experience. Learn how Roz had used each of the tools she teaches to bring about total Freedom from restriction in her own life, and how they can be used to positively empower yours.

All students receive a copy of the Seminar Handbook covering all aspects of the seminar to use as an ongoing tool of empowerment.

Be inspired by Roz’s personal experience to show that All IS possible for You NOW!


"Many thanks for sharing your heart with us in the Life Empowerment Seminar, I really enjoyed it and have felt the benefits in my everyday life already! " Gabriella.

"Many thanks for helping myself (and so many others) move forward with your Life Empowerment Seminars. Thank you for sharing the love and light of Spirit, and for sharing the Truth with all who wish to hear it. My life has been profoundly enriched by your service. Blessings and love." L.R.