Roz Lawler Seminars
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This two day seminar is for those who are actively using the tools and information gained in Life Empowerment Seminar - Stage 1 and are ready to experience more.

In a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere you will:

Share in the wisdom gained by others who, like yourself are now choosing to live life's journey in empowerment and strength. Through sharing, via the experiences of others, you expand upon the ways in which the tools you have already learnt can be used, to bring about greater joy and freedom.

Learn Conscious Speaking Skills to empower you to bring even more happiness, fulfilment and success into your life. Travel with greater depth into the true power of words, and how to use them in all you do to positively enhance your life.

Receive a deeper understanding of how to create more expansive, harmonious and joyous relationships. Our relationships can greatly affect how we feel about life generally and our place in it. In the first seminar we looked primarily at your relationship with your self and how that affects your relationship with the world. This time you learn positive tools to aid you to relate to others with strength, clarity, honour, respect and freedom.

Discover how changing your focus can positively change how you view life and how you live it. Learn how to choose where best to place your attention and how that change of focus can bring with it positive action.

Learn how choosing to Live in Gratitude can bring a greater flow of Life Empowering truths to all you do.

Gain more tools to allow you to build for yourself the life you so richly deserve.

This highly interactive seminar builds upon the strong foundation of the first to help you make "More and Better" your reality now!