Roz Lawler Seminars
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In this unique hour long event Roz channels the energy of the Buddhas to facilitate a time of Silent Receiving, Individual Integration and Buddha Blessing. You will experience the blissful calm of the Buddhas to the sound of their gentle toning as the room fills with the energy of their love.

The toning will be in progress when the doors open and participants are asked to enter in silence to maximise the benefit for all.

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At these events humans and Spirit come together for inspiration, laughter, friendship and sharing.

Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and other Loving Beings of Light from different places and times of humanity come together to share their knowledge and wisdom with us. The discourses and sharings are timeless, and perfect for anyone ready to recognize their right to the peace and freedom that they deserve.

There are Baby and Child Spirits who bring their particular style of honesty, simplicity and innocence to shed light on our lives, the wisdom of the young and to help explain the child within us all.

Spirit reminds us to honour ourselves and each other for the rare and precious beings we are. They assist us by sharing valuable truths for practical down to earth living, helping us to acquire the life skills we had been missing to live our lives with wisdom, integrity and purpose.

Spirit sees each of us as a unique and valuable cell in the body of humanity. The healthier, happier, more fulfilled, aware and enlightened the individual, the healthier the body of humanity as a whole.

A number of different Beings come through each month to inspire us into Positive Constructive Action. They answer our questions with patience and humour, reminding us that we are ever-changing beings of Light who are meant to be positively changed by our experiences and to see each of these experiences as an opportunity for positive expansion.

These evenings are an inspiration to regulars and newcomers alike, the welcoming atmosphere bringing reports of an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance that has left people feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

Roz Lawler, described by Spirit as a Pure Channel, lovingly steps to the side to allow these Divine Beings to gently enter her body and share their messages with us. Their individual personalities, expressions and accents add to the joy of this truly unique and special experience.

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Truth Speaks volume 1: Spirit shares Wisdom in
Humour and Light

This much anticipated first volume in the Truth Speaks series is a precise transcript of Audio recordings taken at the monthly public gatherings known as A Night With Spirit, held in Sydney, Australia...

... The discourses and sharings within this book are timeless, and anyone ready to recognise their right to the peace and freedom that they deserve within, will benefit and recognise this truth with as much clarity as those who were in the audience at A Night With Spirit.