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Physical Journey

Roz Lawler had worked in both public and private education for 15 years, working with people from pre-school to year 12 in High School. She has a background in banking, real estate and office management and has trained in all levels of the Original Seven Level System of Reiki. She has used the School of Life as her greatest teacher and brings all she has learnt to what she now shares.

Roz has devoted herself full time to the Life Empowerment area since 1998 and has assisted thousands of people ranging in age from babies to 90 year olds, with all kinds of issues, to move forward in their lives.

Roz has three sons - Danny, Gabe and Joel. They are an inspiration and a joy that keep her grounded in the real world as she balances family life with the requirements of her expanding Life Empowerment practice.

Roz appeared for several years as guest speaker at a monthly meditation night held in Sydney, Australia, and now holds her own evenings every few months to give talks that take a practical look at the challenges faced in every day life. She is also seen regularly at the Pathways Lifestyle festivals in Sydney.

Roz Lawler has become a living example of all she teaches, and is an inspiration to those whose lives she is privileged to touch.

Spiritual Journey

All her life Roz has been able to see spirit, hear them and have them around. As a child Roz had a mentor; a beautiful man who assisted her to do what she does. From when she was a baby, just eight months old, he was working to train her to be able to leave the body, and from the age of one and a half Roz started training with the Ascended Masters. This gentleman and his wife would baby sit Roz and her brother, and early on he would channel for her and then he would take care of her while she went off to study with spirit. Roz remembers little of their times together because they didn’t do much physical talking, but she does remember his beautiful blue eyes, white hair and extreme love, and the feel of being around him and being completely safe.

At first Roz thought everyone did this sort of thing, to her it was just normal, and as a result she had difficulties fitting in – most kids didn’t speak like her, nor did they speak to and learn with the beings that she was privileged to know so well. Her second thought was that it was just little kids who were able to do and see as she did. That was until one day when a child said to her “I’m lonely!” Roz could see all the angels and guides around them and replied, “Well talk to someone!” It was at this point that she realised that little kids didn’t see them, and adults didn’t see them. She was getting strange looks at school and became very quiet and unsure of who she could speak to.

Roz became introverted and talked of her spiritual abilities and experiences to no one. She would study at night and would find comfort in the little thud as she returned to her bed and would see the small finger marks on the inside of her upper arm from being lowered back into her body. She would smile and think to herself “Ah, I’ve been home for a bit.”

Throughout her childhood Roz not only studied, but would also assist beings to move over after their passing. She wanted to tell people what was going on, but it was never received well by those around her who had no such experience themselves. Roz would often sit and talk with spirit and her mother would come into the room wanting to know who on earth she was talking to. “Oh it’s my friend the Greek man,” Roz would inform her. That didn’t go over very well and her mother began to freak out. “It’s okay, it’s just the Indian”. She didn’t like that either. So one day at a big family function Roz was chatting away with spirit as usual. Her mother again entered the room, giving a look that said “there’s something wrong with my child”. On in the other room, Roz heard a television show about a horse called ‘My Friend Flicker’. This time when asked who she was talking to Roz replied, “it’s a horse, I’ve got an invisible friend and his name is Flicker.” She could talk to anybody after that, and everyone thought it was so sweet! No one was afraid anymore.

Across the years Roz held several regular jobs whilst at the same time learning with the Ascended Masters to channel them to share wisdom and also to clear people’s emotional baggage. Growing up Roz saw a lot of it accumulating with those she loved and figured that if she was going to be able to see and talk to these beings, maybe there was something she was able to do to help people.

An opportunity came with the passing of one of Roz’s distant relatives. Out of all Roz’s relatives, his wife was probably the least likely to believe in any such thing. So naturally it was her who would be the intended recipient of messages from ‘the other side’. He spoke of the details of their divorce, and of a brother named John who lived in Canada, both of which were news to Roz. Surely she couldn’t just call a lady she hardly knew and give strange messages from a man who was supposed to be alive and well. “That’s it.” Roz said, “This is ridiculous, you’re too young to be dead. There’s nothing happening!” He then calmly replied, “Well, I’ll sit by the phone with you. Your mother is going to ring in a minute.” Suddenly the phone rang. Picking it up to the sound of her mother’s cries, Roz said, “It’s alright, I know.”

Roz attended the funeral, and had no intention of speaking of the messages she had received. That is until, up on stage to read the eulogy was his brother John, fresh off the plane from Canada. Roz decided she had to say something, and mustering all her courage, approached the grieving widow. As she did so, Roz overheard her speaking of her break up with the deceased – further confirmation that she could no longer hold her tongue. Taking her relative aside, Roz began “I realise you’re probably not going to believe any of this, but we need to talk…”
The lady’s reaction was sceptical at best. She was, however, understandably intrigued by the intimate details being divulged that surely no one could have known, and remained in touch. Over the coming weeks Roz was able to bring peace and closure to the family, as well as shedding light on various issues that had been a cause of confusion for many years.

Whilst Roz considered this to have gone well, she was still reluctant. After all, it is never easy for anyone to stand up and say “I’m here and I’m different.” Especially when they are this different. So for the moment Roz was content to continue living as normal a life as she could.

This all changed some time later, when at the supermarket Roz was struggling with what to those around her would have appeared to be one of the most difficult trolleys you could have the misfortune of choosing. This particular time though, the blame could not be placed on the quality of the trolley. For on the end, in spirit, was an 87 year old woman, jumping around and shouting, “It’s time, you’ve got to get moving!” Roz then asked as calmly as the situation would allow, if they could continue their chat at a later time so that she didn’t get locked up for appearing to try and hold a conversation with her groceries! Once the shopping was all done the woman returned, this time explaining who she was. Her name was Yetta Gittel Freda, and she claimed to be married to Roz’s father’s namesake’s namesake. Roz knew that her father had an old family tree that was written in Hebrew by his grandfather, but nobody had done anything with it.
A few days later Roz went over to her parents house for dinner and was greeted at the door by her father, “Guess what I finally got translated?” They rolled out the family tree and there she was, several generations up – Yetta Gittel Freda, died age 87. Roz gasped saying to herself, “I’ve got things I have to do, and I can’t hang around and avoid my purpose anymore.” It was at this point that Roz’s physical spiritual journey truly began.

Today Roz Lawler devotes herself to the assistance of others and has freed thousands of people from the restrictions of the past, opening them to the endless possibilities of the future…

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