Roz Lawler Seminars
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In a warm and comfortable environment Roz helps to remove the emotional baggage that is standing in the way of you being able to move forward in your life now. This is done by clearing any blockages or negative emotions that may be present in your energy field.

This profound and empowering method of change releases the negative patterns, past violations by others, and accumulated unresolved issues that make up one's emotional baggage, allowing you to attain the freedom to reach your full potential.

Information and clarity are given on these issues as they are being cleared and guidance is shared on how to move forward and live your life in true freedom.

You remain fully conscious, informed and aware at all times during this safe and non-invasive procedure.

Throughout this process, communication of any issues on your part is entirely optional.

Clients have, on completion of this treatment, experienced a greater sense of balance, self understanding, emotional freedom and true empowerment.

Empowerment Sessions:  

In these full life
empowerment sessions Roz works through the energy field via the main energy centres or chakras to clear the build up of emotional trauma and toxic energy that accumulates and is stored over time. Focusing on the cause of issues Roz removes them entirely from your space, severing any ties between you and negative behavioural patterns that may have resulted from past experiences or traumas. These sessions take approximately four to five hours and are designed to clear accumulated emotional baggage from one's entire life, leaving you free to move forward in confidence and strength.

Short Sessions:  

These sessions take one to two hours and involve the clearing of the issues that are most necessary to be dealt with right now to get you moving in life.

Short sessions available:

Individual Counselling Sessions
Individual Spiritual Guidance, and
Grief Counselling

Phone Sessions:

For those living interstate and overseas or who for any reason are unable to make it to the clinic here in Sydney, Roz now offers phone sessions. These sessions allow you to experience the same warmth, encouragement, assistance and benefits as if you were with Roz in person. All that is required is that you email or post a photo of youself to allow Roz to connect to your energy field prior to your session.


"Roz Lawler is here to help us see ourselves clearly and to understand the people around us. She is a very wise, caring and loving woman with life experience and spiritual gifts to share with us. I see Roz a few times a year for a personal session when I need extra guidance. I always return to my life with new awareness and inspiration to live life well. I am blessed to have her in my life and I know that I can call on her when I need help.

A major turning point in my life is marked with attending a one day workshop with Roz. Now almost three years later I am where I want to be. I had the courage to leave my job and start my own design business. I met my wonderful life partner along the way and I am soon to be married.

Roz Lawler has helped me to live my dreams by showing me the life tools I needed to achieve my goals. She has helped me to understand the mind and that negative voice we all hear. She has shown me how to be positive.

Thank you Roz for your wisdom and guidance." Kathy Stefanac

"Since my time with you, much has changed both within, and around me. Thank you for your gift of healing and the role it has played in my journey. You have inspired me to do it better."
Anna M.

"I feel more positive about the future and the present time, Thanks." I.K. Croydon Park NSW.

"Thank you! The verbal part of what you do is so important because it helps so much when your thoughts and feelings are accurately acknowledged." B.T. Double Bay NSW.

"I just wanted you to know what an incredible difference your treatment has made to me and consequently my life and my future, which really looks bright!"