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Roz is a Grand Master Teacher of the Original Seven Level System of Reiki, qualified in the teaching of all seven practitioner and three teacher levels.

Reiki is a gentle, effective and simple touch-activated technique for natural health, relaxation and self-empowerment that works on all levels of the being to benefit people in an infinite number of ways. Reiki has been found to aid in the relief of stress, major and minor aches and pains, improve the immune system allowing faster recovery from illness and has been known to greatly reduce the side affects of medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

This simple to learn, easy to use health technique is accessible to adults and children alike and can even bring greater health and well-being to your favourite pets and plants!

The Original Seven Level System of Reiki is something that Roz has believed in, been aligned to and utilised both privately and in her Life Empowerment practice.

Roz has been teaching Reiki with life-changing results that have opened her students to all the benefits that this system has to offer.

Roz is now offering regular certificate courses in all levels and class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention.

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Comments from Roz’s Reiki Degree 1 classes are as follows:

"Well worth it. I feel I gained a lot of knowledge in one day. Very good - easy to understand." Student.

"Roz has a unique way of teaching which I found very empowering, healing and enlightening. It is a life changing part of my being - Thank you. Absolutely very interested in doing all the courses." Student.

"I would like to do Reiki 2 now. Thank you very much Roz." Student.

"Totally one of the best life experiences I have ever had." Student.

"Excellent course,very beneficial and interesting! Thanks." Student

"I found doing this course very interesting and as the day progressed I found more and more value in the learning. It is very exciting. Thankyou Roz for once again opening my eyes to further healing." Student

"Words do not do the gift justice by merely saying thankyou." Student

Comments from Roz’s Reiki Degree 2 class are as follows:

"At the end of this course I've felt more vitality and connection. Also a stronger feeling of groundedness and wellbeing." Student.

"Thank you for a wonderful course." Student.

"I have learned to understand myself in a more wholistic and profound way. Roz's teaching is unique, empowering and inspiring. I have learned so much by doing Reiki 1 and 2 with Roz and see how she gives of herself in a way that adds value to all, which is done in such a beautiful way." Student.

Comments from Roz’s Reiki Degree 3A class are as follows:

"Roz is simply a fantastic teacher, the session/course was made much easier due to her patience and experience as a teacher of many, many things." Student.

"The balance between information, practical and moments of ‘sinking in’ on all accounts is perfect. Roz presented a clear, thorough course and I had full confidence that any questions I had would be answered without hesitation, with complete understanding of what was being taught – lots of laughter also made the course a very enjoyable time." Student.

Original Seven Level System

Reiki consists of seven levels or degrees. In this system each level corresponds to one of the seven main chakras or energy centres of the body. It acts as an ascension process through the chakras, in which each energy centre is highlighted and one level creates a strong foundation for the next. Each level also offers unique techniques to enhance and increase the amount of energy available, as well as raising the vibration of the body, allowing the individual faster regeneration and recovery from illness or disease.

In the higher levels, beginning at Reiki 2, students are gradually introduced and aligned to the seven original Reiki symbols. These symbols, which are an integral part of this system, are simple and easy to learn, and students are given ample time to perfect the use of them during the courses.

Why teach Reiki?

The Original Seven Level System of Reiki is something that Roz has believed in and been aligned to for many years. Although reiki is not the main focus of her life, life empowerment is. Roz had been aligned to all the seven practitioner levels and all three teacher levels for some time and whilst she used reiki daily she was not teaching it.

Following frequent requests over several years by many of Roz’s clients and students who had not only shown an interest in reiki, but a desire to be taught by her in particular, Roz finally decided that rather than see any more people simply go without, she would now provide this as a part of the empowerment she shares.

To ensure that those who learn with her receive the best possible information Roz decided to retrain and acquire the proper certification, which was unfortunately not given when she first received her 5B and 7B alignments. To this end Roz attained her 5B certification on 10 August 2005 and 7B certification on 7 November 2005 with Grand Master Teacher Alex Topic of Reiki Energy Therapy. This now entitles Roz to teach the entire Original Seven Level System of Reiki.