Roz Lawler Seminars
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These dynamic life changing seminars are designed to free you to be you!

Roz fuses together a lifetime of research and people-watching to bring you the very best of all she has learnt and shares from personal experience the tools that you need to own your life.

After changing her own life Roz realised that many people lacked the basic skills required to move from survival to true enjoyment and success. Her new found passion led to her decision to share these vital tools with others.

Now you, like the many others who are living their dreams, can experience the freedom of being joyously empowered for yourself!

The first stage of the Life Empowerment Seminar looks at how the use of conscious speaking skills can bring about positive change. You learn the value of forgiveness, how to set positive purposes and the tools to allow you to succeed at being you! more>>

Stage 2 expands upon the topics covered in the first seminar and looks at how to build healthier, more functional relationships. You learn how to move out of the guilt - blame cycle and how to organise for greater enjoyment and success. more>>

These Seminars guides you through the steps to move beyond emotional violations of the past, freeing you to recognise your right to inner strength, truth, balance and empowerment. Gain a better understanding of yourself and embrace a life of confidence and true emotional freedom! more>>

Roz is a Grand Master Teacher of the Original Seven Level System of Reiki qualified in the teaching of all seven practitioner and three teacher levels. Reiki is a gentle, effective and simple touch-activated technique for natural health, relaxation and self-empowerment that works on all levels of the being to benefit people in an infinite number of ways. more>>