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This series of Talks takes a practical look at the challenges we face in our everyday lives. The Talks are designed to give a greater understanding of the mind, how it functions, and how we can get to know ourselves well enough to make the changes that truly get us moving.

The Talks follow logically from one topic to the next, building a healthy structure for an empowered life.

Roz uses personal experience, research, and the information gained during private sessions to devise the tools, information, exercises and inspiration to assist with your development in each of these areas.

Her sense of humour and sincere love of people make these life changing nights a truly enjoyable experience.

Previous Topics:

My Mind, My Friend
Reality and Your Self - Image
Patience or Procrastination
Living in Balance
Free Introductory Talk
From Choice to Change

Make What's New, You!
Successfully Living All Aspects of Life in Balance
The Spirit of Business
Out of the Past, Into Your Life

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