Roz Lawler Seminars
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"I have attended private sessions, seminars and A Night With Spirit, all conducted by Roz Lawler.
Every time I am in Roz's presence she has an inspiring ability to tap into the Pure Essence of what needs to be said or heard. Whether it is in an individual or group situation Roz speaks Truth, and that is her gift to us.
Roz is grounded, bringing wisdom and guidance directly from her own life experiences. This, in combination with her brilliant sense of humour, allows those she is assisting to feel instantly at ease, there by being in the energy of release and acceptance.
The purity of Roz's purpose, direction and energy is a very clear Light. The knowledge she teaches is always to the point so you know you are receiving clear and important spiritual information. Putting her guidance into practice has given me confiirmation time and again to recommend her private consultations and seminars with complete confidence that the person will be guided to their own truth and receive a great gift of freedom, insight and growth." Rebecca Trevor.

"Beautiful, concise, perfect - Thank you" G.O. Bondi NSW

"The most amazing experience of my life." D.C. Miranda

"Thank you is not enough. You've saved my life!" U.H. Colyton.

"Intellectually I knew what Roz was saying for a while but I needed the emotional clearing to move forward and enable me to go ahead. Feel less burdened and lightened. Thank you." P.W. Hong Kong.

"Roz, you understand what has been happening to me for a long time. Thank you so much - I feel strengthened." F.B. Alstonville NSW.

"Roz pinpointed my stress perfectly. I felt very much healed. Thank you." J.P. Vaucluse NSW

"A very big, the biggest, thank you. The generous sharing of your love and your special gifts has been instrumental in 1. me believing in myself and 2. inspiring me with the courage to choose a life of freedom and strength of purpose.
I remain forever grateful for the opportunities, the people, the support and the love that entered my life the day I met you." G.J.S. Harvey Bay

"Roz is extremely intuitive, her presence is extremely calming but equally powerful. I feel great!" S.W. Bondi NSW

"Absolutely first class. Feel totally cleansed. No more negativity and guilt, I Love me." A.W. Gosford NSW

"Thank you so very much. You have a deep understanding of my life experiences and it has helped me a lot." L.D. Ashfield NSW

"Thank you so much Roz for helping me to feel that it is what I do, and what I want that matters - not what everyone thinks I ought to do. I feel much clearer now." I.L. Peakhurst NSW

"Spot on. Feeling more positive about the birth of my baby! Thanks so much." A.T. Botany NSW

"Brilliant - Roz changed my life - unleashed all my past. Fabulous, words can't explain. Roz is so good!" R.R. Richmond

"Thank you. I can feel the difference. It really works. How you knew what had been happening to me is amazing and how to sort it out, and help me to sort it out - life enhancing." J.S. Casula NSW

"Very enlightening, very credible, would use her seminars without hesitation." M.J. Peakhurst

"Relief from pressure, clearer perception, stronger and more relaxed breathing, great relief from pain in stomach. Thank you." C.D. Woollongong NSW.

"The session was great, I was one again, as I was a mess before. I think everyone should have it done." L.R.

"Wonderful, invaluable words of wisdom. Thank you very much Roz." F.D. Coogee NSW