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This much anticipated first volume in the Truth Speaks series is a precise transcript of Audio recordings taken at the monthly public gatherings known as A Night With Spirit, held in Sydney, Australia.

At these gatherings Roz Lawler channels Beings of Light who share their wisdoms and knowledge with the audience.

One of the purposes of the evening is to demystify Spirit and remind people that Spirit is in every human being, and there is much more to the life experience we are having than the three dimensional world and the limiting old belief systems that exist within it.

The discourses and sharings within this book are timeless, and anyone ready to recognise their right to the peace and freedom that they deserve within, will benefit and recognise this truth with as much clarity as those who were in the audience at A Night With Spirit.

The Beings of Light who share this information with us are of several different nationalities and times of humanity.

There are those who have walked the Earth centuries ago, baby and child Spirits, who's comical explanations and observations of some of the adults they refer to are both funny, and extremely accurate. Indeed they sometimes refer to themselves as the Comic Relief part of the evening.

There are also those of the Angelic realm, some of whom have not walked the Earth in physical form, but as observers of humanity. These beings offer us very reassuring explanations and truths about the Guides and Angels who walk with all of us during our life journey. Their love, and willingness to assist us, helps us to move forward more comfortably and confidently within our lives.


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